Friday, April 19, 2019

Leader that Influence Me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leader that Influence Me - Essay ExampleIn short, without the presence of these role models, the lives of many people would tot completelyy be different.My social studies teacher, Mrs. Catalina Mors, had a massive move on my life. In my opinion, she is one of the friendliest people I have met in my entire life. I met her in my first year in high school, a time when my life was almost split into microscopic pieces. Having come from a broken family, I felt that being in high school was a way that my mother had invented to do away with me. I felt that no one cargond if I existed or not and thought that I had no role to play in the world rang in my header each second of my existence.Mrs. Catalina, I have learnt to call her Mrs. Memento, for her reminding me of good things in life, has been of great assistance to me. From her comfort words that gave me hope in life, I managed to come out of my depression and learn to accept clip short letters in life. I relate my high self esteem f rom her counseling sessions that I went unconsciously every afternoon. At times, I would find my self in her company for over two hours with no complaints that her work day was over.Apart from being polite and well refined, Mrs. Catalina acted as a role model to many. Her enter of conduct had no traces of stains that some her age mate colleagues had. Being 23 years old and a teacher of boys, it is thought that younger teachers- beautiful like her- face numerous challenges in their careers. Some are even forced to jeopardize their careers, for failure to handle challenging situations in their job.Mrs. Catalina gained first-rate praise from all students, majority of whom, wanted to have a mature and reasonable life like hers. In my case, Mrs. Catalina has assisted me in making tangible decisions in life and focus on the future regardless of the situation at hand. I am able to deal with parents divorce with the

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